Overseer Violet Moe

“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31: 10

She is a lady, a mother, a teacher, a preacher, a counselor, a mentor, and a spiritual mid-wife, and so many other things to many souls. We speak of none other than Overseer Violet Moe. Violet was born on August 21st to the late Apostle Anderson and Mother Betty Sue Morehead. She is the fourth eldest of the 12 children. Violet was not a typical child. At an early age, she was filled with the Holy Ghost and began to seek His face for His divine will for her life.

Violet was a witness to the power of God when He delivered and healed her from a childhood sickness. When doctors said she wouldn’t be able to walk and breathe on her own, God said not so. The Lord worked a miracle in young Violet’s life and everywhere she went, and even now, she tells of God’s healing power in her life. From an early age, Violet worked faithfully in ministry under the leadership of many great deceased legends such as Pastor Horace Lawson, Pastor Nathaniel Lawson, Bishop James Hawkins, and most notably her father, the late Bishop Anderson Morehead, Sr., who lived a holy life before her.

As a missionary, and recording artist, Violet continued to proclaim God’s Word with power as she sang and spoke in Conventions, seminars, and revivals across America. She also attended classes and seminars, to learn God’s Word in a deeper way. In order to be anointed, Violet knew that a great price had to be paid.

In the early 1960′s, Missionary Violet was wed to Robert Moe. This union sparked a turning point for the expansion of the Eternal Light Churches. With the blessing of Bishop Anderson Morehead, Sr., she and her husband and family started the Eternal Light Christ Temple Church in the 1970′s in Brooklyn, NY.
Working side by side with her husband, Pastor Robert Moe, Sr. and Co-pastor Violet Moe expanded ministry outreaches to Dallas, Texas, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Dothan, Alabama. They traveled back and forth between the Mount Vernon, Brooklyn, and Dothan Churches working fervently. Sometimes walking alone, Violet Moe would leave her husband and family behind to do the Will of God. With the support of her husband, she obeyed the voice of God. Violet continued to be used by the Lord in instructing souls. Many were birthed into the Kingdom under the guidance of Evangelist Violet Moe.

When Elder Robert Moe, Sr. was elevated to the office of Bishop in 1995, Violet Moe was right by his side and continued to work tirelessly with him. When Bishop Moe passed away in October 2001, Evangelist Violet Moe took on the mantle. In January of 2002, she accepted the charge of being made the Pastor of both the Dothan and Brooklyn Churches. Currently, Overseer Moe has an elite ministerial staff of Pastors and Elders from the Mount Vernon and Brooklyn churches that are working faithfully with her to push the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In July 2002, Pastor Violet Moe was elevated to the position of Overseer of the Greater Eternal Light Churches of the Apostolic Faith worldwide.

In November 2002, the Greater Eternal Light Church Christ Temple opened their doors in Coney Island, NY. This was a long awaited blessing that Bishop and Overseer Moe had been praying for.

She believes that the Lord has already begun to do His greatest works ever in the churches The Greater Eternal Light Churches of the Apostolic Faith Inc are labeled as kegs of dynamite, and are about to explode with their greatest works ahead of them!

Today, as an anointed speaker, Overseer Moe continues to allow the Lord to use her in a mighty way. She is strongly determined to fulfill the visions of her forefathers in the gospel. Overseer Moe is truly a great woman of God!

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