Pastor Robert Moe, Jr.

“You get what you get, cause you do what your do!”

Robert Moe has music in his blood. Growing up in a family of gospel singers, Moe has been singing in church since he was six. From the age of 15 he was a backing singers with the likes of Howard Smith and Soul Liberation and has since worked with a list of gospel artists that sounds like a Who’s Who of the genre – including Andrae Crouch, The Clarke Sisters, Hezekiah Walker, R.Kelly and Celine Dion. This set of 13 songs is a great showcase for Robert’s voice, which has been compared to that of Luther Vandross. And it is a great voice! In these self-penned songs Moe expresses his own experience that without struggle there is no victory. The opening song “Forever” speaks of the faithfulness of God and the desire to respond with commitment and there are expressions of great praise (“So Glad”) and real devotion (“I Love You Lord”). The tracks “Redeemed” and “Calling You”. Known all over for his great control and 3 octave range, Robert has been truly touched by God.  In addition he is a vital part of the GELC ministries & he is committed to the work of the Lord.

He has gleaned much from his father, the late great Bishop Robert Moe Sr. and his anointed mom Overseer Violet Moe.  Now being elevated to the Pastorate he continues to work closely with our Overseer up building the kingdom of God. Pastor Moe has encouraged and mentored, he has been the minister of music for many years conducting rehearsals in preparation for our annual conventions, Robert has also been a key Seminar Speaker for Dr. Dorinda Clark Cole and he works in many other aspects of ministry as well. His voice has always been one of impeccable sound, and music & melody are an intricate part of who he is. He has experienced much in his life and this has caused him to find a special place in God. He emphasizes on the importance of obedience to leadership, possessing the anointing of God and continued spiritual growth so that each person becomes a true and valuable asset operating effectively and efficiently in the ministry in which they have been called.

He’s worked with many artists of different genres, performed in famous gospel plays and continues to be a force to be reckoned with. With his recent second album release entitled “Saying Good Things which is a cornucopia of great music with a wide spectrum for all to enjoy. Music is definitely a part of Pastor Moe but he is so much more and as he continues to grow we look forward to the new horizons and journeys in store for this man of God.