Pastor Rodney Salley

What can we say about Pastor Rodney Salley, he is a friend, an encourager, a confidant, and a father in the Gospel. We have watched him change and evolve into the great man that we see today. Through his giving and sacrifice and staying focused on the Lord being groomed under the tooteledge of Bishop Moe and Overseer Moe has prepared him to step out into the deep and be a great under shepherd operating in his purpose.

Rodney is a deconflictor , a muniment (defense) to many, obsecrating (beseeching) the people to remain in rapprochement with God in all sincerity and earnest. He is also witty, charismatic, humble, obedient, gregarious, faithful, wise and a great wordsmith who constantly develops catch phrases that we all adopt into our church jargon. Pastor Salley is a lively stone in the edifice of Christ’s sanctuary and he is an encouragement to many.
He has always held on to God no matter what the test and continues to rely and depend on God for everything. I recall when Pastor Salley first joined Christ Temple in Brooklyn, he was excited and so eager to learn more about this man called Jesus Christ. Whenever he came to MTV (Mt. Vernon GELC) he was always open, warm but humble. And that is still the framework of the person we know now but the portrait within the frame is much more enhanced.
Pastor Salley loves his two handsome son’s Christopher & Miles and takes pride in his natural family as well as his extended church family. The members of Atlanta are a great group of people who are sincere and devoted to God and are excited about the work and the ministry. When conversing with them individually or collectively they attribute their salvation to the Lord Jesus Christ and for the great example that they have found in Pastor Salley and that speaks volumes about who he is and how well he has been taught.