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foundersOur founding pioneers of Eternal Light Church were Apostle Anderson Morehead, Sr. and Mother Betty Sue Morehead. In 1961 Apostle Anderson Morehead, Sr. was appointed Pastor of the Eternal Light Church of our Lord Jesus Christ by Apostle and Bishop Hubert Spencer. Over several decades, the effective Christian ministry of Apostle Anderson Morehead, Sr. made a huge impact on every sector of our society. The once blighted community of Mount Vernon was revitalized because of the ministry of Apostle Morehead. The rich Spiritual legacy of devotion and diligent labor of our founding pioneers is an everlasting gift of God unto our church for years to come.


The exemplary service rendered in the early years of our ministry by Mother Mary Pierce Brown, Mother Betty Sue Morehead, and Mother Zelda Morehead, aided in the evolution of our current Missionary Department. In the 1970s, the inspirational and dynamic Ministry of Prayer conducted by Elder John Morehead served as a catalyst of positive change which greatly aided our congregation in a transitional period of church growth.


Mount VernonIn 1980, the establishment of the Eternal Light Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. occurred because of the vast expansion of our ministry and the far-reaching vision of Bishop Anderson Morehead, Sr. He was then ordained the Presider of all churches, and was consecrated by the Board of Presbytery. Our beloved Apostle Anderson Morehead, Sr. faithfully worked for God in many areas of Christian service until the time of his death. He blazed many paths of faith and trust, causing our spiritual journey to be brighter even until this present time. He was very personable and was a blessing to us all. He valued and encouraged the membership of his congregation and guided us as he followed Christ.

In July 1982, his son, Elder John Morehead was ordained the Pastor of the Eternal Light Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. in Mount Vernon. During his leadership, Pastor John Morehead made countless valuable contributions to our church and to others within our community and abroad. Our congregation flourished and grew tremendously because of his great sacrifice and inspirational ministry as our church leader. Pastor John Morehead was an excellent teacher and preacher, a compassionate shepherd and a wise counselor.


Pastor John Morehead spearheaded many fantastic endeavors some of which caused the successful completion of several church renovation projects and the physical improvement of our building. Before his death, our church was completely renovated largely due to the grace of God and the financial generosity of Pastor Morehead. On July 16, 1995, Pastor John Morehead and Pastor Robert Moe, Sr. were elevated and granted the worthy office of Bishop within our church assembly.

Bishop John Morehead continued to lead the membership of the Eternal Light Ministries valiantly aiding each member in becoming the very best that they could be. He believed in EXCELLENCE! Our dear Bishop John Morehead departed this life August 16, 1997. However, the imprints of his ministry and his example will never be forgotten. He built on top of the foundation that was set by his father, Apostle Anderson Morehead Sr. and left an indelible mark on our ministry as well as in our hearts


BrooklynWe continued on by faith, grace, and trust under the outstanding leadership of Bishop Robert S. Moe, Sr. His leadership afforded our church new dimensions of Christian service and growth. He brought to our ministry a vast wealth of experience, sensitivity and wisdom. Bishop Moe worked faithfully within Eternal Light Churches in diversified areas for many years. He led us with great vision and courage. Bishop Robert S. Moe, Sr. went on to be with the Lord on October 18, 2001. His wisdom and humility were an example to all that a leader can be effective without being verbose.

On November 19, 2018, our beloved Overseer Violet Moe passed from this life to Glory.  Overseer Moe tirelessly championed the cause of Christ throughout her life, never wavering in her love for God and her desire for souls to be saved.  Overseer Moe gave selflessly to those in need.  Her love for God overflowed and was evident as she so enjoyed feeding people  naturally and spiritually.  Her powerful voice and the songs she loved to sing will always be a major part of our loving memories of her as well.


Our church history cannot adequately list or chronicle the tangible and intangible contributions that both our Pastors have made in our personal lives and the lives of our families. Beyond the brick and mortar, there were genuine people of God who cared and sacrificed, were obedient to God and were lent to us to cause our days to be more abundant here on earth.

DothanToday our ministry continues.  We are moving in a new direction, but not forgetting from whence we came. We are excited for what God has done and how he has brought us over and for the precious memories of so many who have blazed trails for us, who have befriended us, prayed with us, supported us and loved us into who we are today. We will never forget the store front building where love greeted you at the door and followed you home, gently calling you to return. The many years of fellowship and generosity of giving and gleaning of teaching and mentoring, of extending ourselves and being groomed, sustained, delivered and strengthened. We owe so much to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the brave pioneers of the Gospel and those who followed through membership and humble service to aide in the up building of the kingdom of God.

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