Pastor Rebecca Plummer

Pastor Rebecca Plummer was born in Canton, Ohio, but was raised in Queens, NY to the late Apostle Anderson and Betty Sue Morehead. Rebecca excelled in her academic career, having received her Bachelor’s Degree from Iona College, a Master’s Degree from Lehman College as well as a second Master’s Degree in School Administration and Supervision from the College of New Rochelle. Rebecca is a woman of excellence and she instills these values in her students on a daily basis at Graham Elementary Magnet School in Mt. Vernon, where she has been a teacher for almost twenty years. She is well respected amongst her students, fellow faculty members as well as the administrative staff.

Above all the personal and professional successes in her life, Rebecca considers her spiritual accomplishments to be the greatest of all. She received the gift of the Holy Spirit at the tender age of twelve. From a young age, she’s been a woman after God’s heart. Her consistent dedication to the ministry has been unfailing. In the mid 1980’s, Rebecca was appointed the Financial Administrator for the Eternal Light Church by the late Bishop John Morehead. Serving in this capacity as well as being the Missionary President and head of the Women’s department was a catalyst for the many spiritual and natural blessings that would overtake her and her family.

In 1995, Rebecca was elevated to the office of Evangelist by the late Bishop John Morehead. Today, she continues to serve in the aforementioned offices with diligence and dedication. In 2002, Evangelist Rebecca Plummer was ordained as one of the Pastors of the Greater Eternal Light Church. Her spiritual ladder of success has been a testimony and encouragement to many people both inside and outside of the Ministry. Pastor Plummer is a woman of great distinction. She has a gift for giving which she encourages the members of the Greater Eternal Light Church to have. She often states, “you can’t beat God giving” and “there’s no secret what God can do, what He’s done for one, He’ll do for you!