Devotional Prayers – Destiny

Destiny (Or My God-Mandated Purpose)

Heavenly Father, I know that there is a plain path or destiny designed just for me.  No one else can fulfill my calling.  You have sculpted my heart and my life to reach specific individuals for Your Glory.  People are waiting for me!!  If I do not concede my life will not Related imagebe as gratifying as Christ intended it to be.  Someone will continue to wander in this maze called life.  They need what God has given to me for their life to flourish.

Today I will seek Your face and Your will for direction.  I will live so that my light shines.  The rays will be seen by someone walking in darkness giving me an opportunity to direct them God-ward.

A  Prayer written by Pastor Teresa Miller

Devotional Prayers – Emphatically Trust God

(Thank You Jesus for answering my petitions!!)

Emphatically Trust God (Or Trust God In Spite Of)

Dear Lord, teach me to yield to your Holy Spirit.  I don’t have the foresight, wit, intelligence, or the know-how to make correct decisions for my life or anyone else’s.  But I do know that you have given prayinghands1me One who is well-equipped and grasps all.  He knows my ending from my beginning.  The Holy Spirit wants to lead me and guide me.  I must allow Him to do that.  It is my responsibility to surrender to Him.  He will never impose His will upon me.  He will simply stand aside and wait for me to realize my frailty.  I refuse to allow my pride to cause me to miss out on the lavish, abundant life that Christ paid the price for me to enjoy.

Today I purpose to believe God unequivocally!  I will not weaken the Word with my human wisdom.  I emphatically trust God!  His Word says to ask and I will receive.  I am going to ask believing and then expect results.

A  Prayer written by Pastor Teresa Miller