The God of Broken Dreams

Just when you think that you can’t hold on a moment longer Jesus enters your situation. I shouldn’t say He enters it because He has been in it all along. Sometimes we cannot see or hear Him because our focus is redirected elsewhere. The Lord knows exactly what you need when you need it most. He has trekked this way long before our very inception. He is well aware of the treacherous terrain on which we tread. Never be tempted to believe that God is too busy to be concerned about you!” We are constantly in the forefront of His mind. Don’t take my word for it; read Jeremiah 29:11.

When you cry, He hears you and He bottles up every single teardrop. The state of our heart and emotions are of great concern to Him. I can remember after my divorce I thought that God had forsaken me. I was completely and utterly wrong. Instead it was not until after the divorce that my mind and spirit were freed up to hear Him more clearly. The Lord positioned me to be in a place of openness to Him, much more than when I was married. I now understand what Paul meant when he said he wished we were all like him…single and able to devote our undivided attention to the things of God (See I Corinthians 7). Since I no longer have the distraction of pleasing a husband, I can dedicate myself to focus on the things God has need of me to deal with.

I am happy because I am being used of the Lord. I am better learning who I am. I am sensitively aware of the needs of others. The Holy Spirit attunes me to some of the problems of my sisters and brothers in Christ. Therefore, I am able to go before God on their behalf in prayer and supplication. Am I living in Utopia? Not at all but my wounds are being healed as I concern myself with others rather than dwelling on myself.

Be assured in knowing that Abba is truly the God of Broken Dreams. No matter what the dream! Spiritual family continue to hold on to God’s unchanging hand. It won’t be long now. As the song says, soon we will be leaving here.

Blessings and peace, written by Pastor Teresa Miller