Praise Jesus

Praise Jesus – written by Pastor Teresa Miller

Where He leads me I will follow. I am not my own. Who am I to tell Him, I will follow you here, but not there. I will do this, but not that. I will accept your will for my life in this area, but not in the other. I have been bought with an expensive price. Jesus paid my ultimate penalty, by shedding His precious blood to ransom me. Therefore, I am a soldier in God’s army under His divine authority. My job is to follow His commands. I cannot do my own thing. He is my Commander and Chief. I choose to wait on His divine instructions and guidance for each new day.

Sure, I have had losses and experienced pain. Life has taken some undesirable turns for me that was unexpected, but I will not become bitter. I dare not question His Omniscience. As my father used to tell us growing up, “no accidents happen to the people of God.” My life is directed by the Lord; and everything that I have experienced has brought me closer to Him. The voyage has been a little tumultuous and turbulent at times, but it has never overtaken me. Each trial, each resisted temptation is treasured oil in my alabaster box. I am being equipped to help someone else. I am yet standing because of the mercies and grace of God.

So as the Christian song says, “courage my soul and let us journey on. Though the night seems dark, it won’t be very long. Thanks be to God the morning light has come. And the storm is passing over hallelujah!” Praise Jesus!!!

Our Paraclete

“Our Paraclete” by Pastor Teresa Miller (9/17/16)

How many can attest to having learned that God is a very present help in the time of trouble? I have discovered that I can rely upon Him even when I’m not sure of what is going on in life. When the enemy tries to bring fear or an unsettled spirit within me, I choose to continue to trust Jesus anyhow. I am learning more and more to refuse to buckle down under the enemy’s intimidation.  After all his threats are just that, threats. He has to get permission from my Daddy to do anything to me. God has already assured me that He would not put more on me than I can bear. So I know if it comes to me, the Lord is going to bring me through it. And it could be worse. Someone else somewhere is going down in despair for the third time. I know in Whom I believe and I am persuaded that He is walking me through my journey. He is never very far away. He sees what I am going through before it comes upon me; before it enters my domain. He’s a watchful, diligent parent. I also know that if He sent immediate relief to me my faith would not grow. I would not learn to trust Him to lead me, to guide me or to order my steps. Therefore, I will be still and see the salvation of my God. I will be a first-hand eye witness to my deliverance.
Lord, I ask that You give me a heart and a mind to submit my total allegiance to You. People of God we have to go through the process so that we can help someone else. Let us not be selfish or afraid and try to escape the procedure just because it is difficult. If we endure the course of action, we will reap the benefits of knowing how truly awesome Abba is. God has come through for us in prior experiences so I, for one, am not going to doubt Him now! He has brought me too far for me to shrink under the pressure of the storms of life or to fold because of periods of lightening or rain. He is our Omnipresent covering and umbrella. He promised that if we suffer with Him, we are destined to reign with Him. So in spite of whatever… I’m here for the long haul and looking for surefire victory! How about you???