Devotional Prayers – Thy Will be Done

Thy Will be Done (Or the Challenge Of Surrender)

Father, if I pray that Thy will be done, I must be prepared to stay before You.  I cannot hear from You by simply praying a quick prayer and jumping up in my spirit from my surrendered stance.  I must take time to allow You to infiltrate my heart and mind.  All of the cares, and confusion of the day have to be laid at the altar and I must direct my thoughts God-ward.  I realize that it is important that I sit in Your presence and allow You the opportunity to download what it is that You want me to perceive for the day.  You are Almighty God and I cannot put You on my time clock.

Life is hectic and I realize that there are things that must be done throughout the day.  But it is imperative that I reserve designated time for You.   If I have to, I will arise earlier than normal to assure that my day begins by giving You my allegiance.  You are number One in my life Jesus.  I must consciously move everything and everyone else to a distant second in my life.

A  Prayer written by Pastor Teresa Miller